Entrance mats

Sand and mud must stay on the street!


  • Cleanliness throughout the building
  • Maintain property value cut cleaning cost
  • Improve safety in your building
  • Bespoke design

Safe. Clean. Sensational.
Every single visitor to a building walks through the entrance. So it’s the only place where you can prevent dirt and moisture from being trodden all over the interior.

Our solutions maintain the value of your asset! Our entrance mats trap dirt. Preserve your valuable floor coverings and cut cleaning costs. Reducing moisture makes for a healthier building. Our clean-off systems are designed so that you can tailor them flexibly to suit your architecture.
Architects, planners, investors and developers the world over use emco clean-off systems. Discover our products. Meet us at a trade fair. Or simply give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your projects.
Clean buildings start with Emco.
We are one of the leading international manufacturers of stylish and functional entrance mats which reduce dirt and moisture in buildings. Flexible designs allow architects to realise their design vision without having to compromise on function.
Emco entrance mats make a positive contribution to retaining the value of a building. Dirt and moisture are kept away from indoor floor coverings such as parquet, natural stone or carpet.
This extends any necessary refurbishment intervals while reducing cleaning costs.


Manufacturers of doormats for more than a century.
ABI is an icon in the field of technical brushes and entrance mats. Founded in 1910, it has for three generations developed into an all-inclusive supplier of brushes. One of our core activities is the manufacturing of a complete assortment of entrance mats, including brush mats. Our mats are supplied to customers all over the world. Today we supply to more than 45 countries! Our service not only includes selling and manufacturing, but if required also includes measuring and a professional installation of the mat. If you would like further information, you are welcome to make an appointment with our sales team or visit our showroom. Our doors are always open for you!

Entrance areas ABI (Almelose Borstel Industrie) is specialized in the first two entrance areas, partly thanks to our brushes, which, as manufacturers, we use in all sorts of shapes and sizes in our entrance mats.
First area The first area is designed to remove coarse grit, sand and gravel from shoe soles. Our roll-up brush mat and Aluflex mats with brush inlay or rubber are just right for this job. You can, of course also opt for our Duplomat with brushes, rubber or a combination of the two.
Second area Once you step inside, the second area will ensure that moisture will not get any further. This provides the optimum solution to keep your building, shop or office clean indoors!

For this second area both our Aluflex mats with carpet strips and needle punch carpet and our Duplo mats are widely used.

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