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STEINEL (Germany)

STEINEL – Construction, hot air dryers, hot glue guns for cardboard decoration and household use, hot melt glue bars, membrane roof seam welding units, hot air dryers for repair of bumpers, decorative film for cars.
DIY and professional. Roof melter, hot air dryer for automotive bonding, hair tips, hair dryer linoleum welding tips, thermo shrink nozzle, soldering tip, silicone roller, rubber roller, teflon roller, brass roller, silicone roller, rubber roller, nozzle, hair dryer nozzle for melting wire, professional hot air dryers, battery hot air dryer, nozzles for glue gun, Gluefix, Gluematic, Glue Pro, Neo

Far Tools (France)

Far Tools – is the main brand of Far Group. Far Group, based in Saint-Pierre-de-Corps, near Tours, established in 1991.
It is a French company with more than 50 people involved in product development.
Hand tools, power tools, stationary woodworking machines, renovators, vacuum cleaners for construction. Garden electric units, woodworking machines, electric saws, wood splitters, mulchers.
Various types of multifunctional tools.
Far tools guarantees the availability of spare parts for ten years.

NOVUS (Vācija)

NOVUS – tools that make your job easier.
Staplers, staples, staple nails, rivets and rivets for construction, gardening and household purposes.
Not only are NOVUS products highly functional, they are also convenient and safe to use
“We want to speed up your work process and support experts and accurate work with optimal tools.” For DIY and professional use.
Hand Staplers, Electric Staplers, Pneumatic Staplers, Battery Staplers, Hammer Staplers, Stainless Steel Staples, Aluminum Rivets, Steel Rivets, Copper (Copper) Rivets, Thread Rivets, Type A, H, D, G, C, E, L14, 53, 37, 53F, 11, 4, J, Small wire clamps, Flat wire clamps.

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